Smith Lake District 2018-2019 Schedule

*all tournaments at Duncan Bridge ramp

Oct 6

Nov 17

Dec 1

Dec 15

Jan 5

Feb 2

March 30,31

Guntersville District  All tourneys at Waterfront and all start at safe light

Feb 9

March 30

May 25

June 15

July 27

Aug 17

Sept 28 

Oct 19

Nov 16-17

2019 NBT Alabama North Schedule

*all times are safe light till 3 unless extreme temps or weather dictates a change.  Changes for times, ramps will be posted at or on the message board at

Date            Lake                       Ramp
Feb 16    Wheeler        Lee High

March 9   Guntersville Waterfront

April 6    Wheeler        Ditto Landing

May 11    Wilson          Safety Harbor

June 1    Guntersville   Waterfront

July 13   Pickwick        McFarland

Aug 10    Wheeler         Ingall's

Sept 21   Pickwick        McFarland Park

Oct 12    Guntersville   Waterfront

Nov 2,3  Wilson            Safety Harbor
*adverse weather announcements will be posted on this site 

For complete rules and forms please visit 

Welcome to the home of the Alabama North District of the National Bass Fishing Trail (NBT).  Affordable bass fishing tournaments for the weekend angler.  NBT offers divisions for both Adult and Junior Anglers in seven districts.  Competitive fishing with a friendly family oriented atmosphere.

Latest News

Adult 7lb pot: 

This optional pot is for any fish over 7lbs or largest fish if multiple 7lbers. $2 per tourney to enter, however pot is closed at $500 until new one is started.  All juniors are subject to a bonus for weighing a 5lb fish or larger. This pot is established by donations only. Thank you to those that donate.


Congrats to our Wilson winners 

 Denver Satterlee and Chase Williams

***Due to Scheduling conflicts with major events. We are making these changes.

June 1 Guntersville Waterfront

​July 13 Pickwick McFarland


  • Fish with a junior or fish by yourself. Boat use is guaranteed.

  • Small boats are welcome. (see rules for details at

  •  Non-boaters welcome.  Family members fish together

  • Juniors fish with adult mentor
  •  Pre-tournament meeting at the ramp, no late fees or pre-registration

  •  Proof of insurance required $100,000 liability

  • Junior division for anglers 17 or under. 

  •  No Junior draw, fish with adult sponsor

  • Two-day District Championship

  • NBT Championship fished the following June.  

  • Total pay out is 88% of all money paid in. At each tournament 

          76% of the fees will be paid at the ramp; the other 12%  
          will be paid at the Annual Championship.

  • Members can fish in any NBT tournament.
  • all tournaments used to qualify for District Championship
  •  National standings will be determined by top 4 qualifier

           finishes as well as one District Championship result.

  •  Alabama North District Angler of the Year will be based on 

           Top 6 qualifier finishes and District Championship in the
          District only.  All winners and the Top 5 in points will be  
          recognized at the season ending banquet.

Yearly membership fees: 
$20 per Adult, 15$per Junior, per tournament season. Additional a 3-year adult membership can be obtained for $60, and an Adult lifetime membership for $200

Entry Fee's
 1. Adults in a National Bass Fishing Trail Inc One Day Qualifying tournament are $60 per adult (88% payback) includes a $5 big bass pot - (100% payback), and $20 per junior (100% payback) includes a $5 big bass optional pot.

2. Entry fees for Adults in a National Bass Fishing Trail Inc Two Day District Championship tournament are $120 per adult (88% payback) includes a $5 daily big bass optional pot - (100% payback), and $40 per junior (100% payback) includes an $5 daily big bass optional pot.

3. Entry fees for Adults in a National Bass Fishing Trail Inc, National Championship tournament are $150 per adult (100% payback) with a $10 daily big bass optional pot - (100% payback), and $45 per junior (100% payback) with an $10 daily big bass optional pot.